Live Election Coverage from Washington, DC

Aug 17, 2016

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In 2008, BMG was hired by ARTE France to produce a 90-minute live special from Washington, DC covering the outcome of the 2008 presidential election. The program was live in France and Germany and translated into 3 languages (which we did on location). Our client wanted a setting with an iconic “Washington” look, but with a short lead time, most local resources were booked. Except one. We found a rooftop location in Arlington, VA that had a skyline view of the National Mall. It was the perfect backdrop for an election special. It worked so well that we’ve secured the same location this year for producing live election coverage.

As was the case in 2008, this year’s election cycle is shaping up to be monumental. That’s why we’ve prepared ourselves. We can accommodate both domestic and international networks for daytime or nighttime shoots on November 7th or 8th. In addition to a one-of-a-kind venue, here’s a look at the full production services we can provide.

Production Equipment & Engineering

BMG will provide all the technical infrastructure and overall engineering support to accommodate a 5-camera live show. We will supply all cameras, lenses, mounts, cabling, audio equipment, lighting gear, comms infrastructure, and on-site client monitoring areas. Clients will have the capability to roll-in pre-produced packages and graphics during the live show and can also take in remote feeds. We have 2 sets available: an indoor set for daytime shoots and an outdoor, tented set for day or night. Additionally, we have talent support areas available as well, including green rooms and makeup rooms.

Full Production Staffing

BMG will provide all the technical staff to support your live production. Additionally, we can provide directors, producers, and editors if needed. We’re comfortable interfacing directly with your editorial team, or providing that team on your behalf. All production personnel will have the skill sets to meet your needs. BMG can provide remote ENG crews as well if you’re looking to shoot news packages for your live program.

Live Transmissions & Remote Segments

BMG will have on-site transmission services available for transmitting your live program domestically or internationally. Additionally, we will have the capability to take in live remote segments. For example, if you wanted to take a feed from a field correspondent on the ground at each candidate’s campaign headquarters, we could easily integrate that into your program.

Production Graphics & Creative Design

BMG can provide a full suite of creative elements for your live program. We can create your entire graphics package, including slates, bugs, lower thirds, and intros. Or, we can design on-set signage to match your program’s look and feel. Additionally, we can design elements for social media in order to keep your audience engaged in your live program and keep the look and feel of your graphics consistent across all platforms.

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  • Andrew Ryback Reply
    2018-03-07 21:55:41

    We're glad you found this to be useful, Margaux. Let us know if there's anything we can help with.

  • Margaux Ford Reply
    2018-03-07 05:57:06

    I appreciate the tips on hiring a production staffing company to have more time to focus on the creative aspects of the project. Hiring a production crew is a tedious task, and can take up much of your time. We're currently working on a huge production, and I'll share this article with my boss so he'll consider on delegating the recruitment to a staffing company. I like that you mentioned that staffing company can ensure to have the right team onboard for the project. Thanks!

  • Robert McWilliams Reply
    2017-10-31 19:05:18

    Todd: I have an ad agency in addition to our production company. We put one of our clients on OTT two months ago up in Nevada. Seems to be working! Thanks again for the work earlier this month. Rob

  • Nicole Rohde Reply
    2017-05-27 22:28:45

    Hey Andrew, Any word as to whether or not the Jokers will be back for Comic Con this year? Please let me know. Thanks!!!

  • Aaron Estabrook Reply
    2017-02-23 16:26:57

    I'll be tuning in for sure!

  • David Patton Reply
    2015-01-16 13:16:02

    Interesting blog post Andrew. For those who are nearly ready to cut the cord, but still want access to key channels such as ESPN, I'd recommend checking out Dish Network's new service, Sling TV. It provides access to a handful of channels for $20/month.

  • Andrew Ryback Reply
    2015-01-13 14:44:19

    Go for it! I'll admit that I was a little apprehensive about pulling the plug at first, but honestly, the transition away from DirecTV has been seamless. The only missing link is live sports, but there are a few work arounds depending on what sports you watch. Good luck!

  • Gregory Hart Reply
    2015-01-13 06:35:00

    While I am part of the 55 year old demographic that still has TV boxes and does TV viewing, I do my viewing using DVRs and networked PCs playing video files from an in-home server. I too have noticed that I view a handful of shows on a regular basis and have found various other sources for these shows. And now it has gotten to the point to where I am seriously considering ending my very long relationship with DirecTV and going streaming. Working in the TV industry also helped to open eyes to this as well. This transition from "old" TV is coming and the networks (Les Moonves, I am looking at you!) had better plan for it.

  • K. Lona Lymen Reply
    2014-01-31 17:54:25

    You are spot-on that voters don't believe that Obama can accomplish any of his plans. I vote in every election, but I am disgusted with all the arguing and last minute actions that band-aid a problem for a few months, and then break out into new arguments. The comparison to the Superbowl was interesting because, like politics it is a great American sport. But, instead of Peyton Manning giving a State-of-the Union, the President's address should get better commercials!

  • Gary Reply
    2013-08-08 09:44:39

    You've left out a HUGE part of this story by not mentioning Howard Stern's effect on the Sharknado buzz! #siris-ly

  • Marybeth Harrison Reply
    2013-08-07 14:46:29

    I can almost hear the theme song from Jaws as I read your post!