Jason B. Vega

Director of Staffing and Human Resources

Jason B. Vega, Director of Staffing and Human Resources, leads BMG’s staffing division, responsible for attracting new clients and servicing current clients. In addition to managing employee and freelance recruitment, he also manages employee benefits, payroll processing, new-hire on-boarding, and business development efforts.

Jason brings over 6 years of accounting and finance experience and over 12 years of recruiting, staffing, client relations and human capital management experience to his role at BMG. Jason excels at creating and nurturing employee relationships. He is a team player and a natural coalition-builder. Jason’s outgoing nature and interpersonal skills keep employees and clients engaged and helps create an environment where people feel comfortable and creativity can thrive. His door is always open!

In addition to being fluent in Spanish, Jason picked up basic Korean during his time deployed overseas where he proudly served his country in the U.S. Army. Outside of work, Jason loves to travel and take his wife on spontaneous adventures. He is also an avid sports fan, dedicated to his beloved New York teams.

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