Naz Stobe-Kirst

Naz Stobe-Kirst Production Engineer

Naz is a first-generation immigrant from Germany who came to the US at age 18. Read Bio

Naz is a first-generation immigrant from Germany who came to the US at age 18. Naz enjoys hands-on work as well as high-tech multi-media creative jobs.

After studying Media in college and an internship later she got into broadcast, first in Northern California, running TV cameras and wiring up television stations. Later as a news photographer for Associated Press, Las Vegas Review Journal, The Arizona Independent and other papers in Arizona.

Naz’ parents were artistic (a painter and a writer) and always stressed education as well as broadening your horizons by traveling. Throughout her broadcast career Naz continued to take more college classes in electronic/technical and engineering fields, and as television changed over time, she began to shift to computer sciences and got certified in Adobe Suite programs as well as AutoCAD.

From 2003 to 2006 Naz worked the trip of a lifetime: Running a mobile roadshow all across this country on assignment for the National Park Service. Naz takes pride in creating beautifully wired high-density racks. Naz also likes to document these racks in wire-lists and signal flow drawings and is instrumental in the generation of the documentation package.

A Broadcast Management Group Naz works on a verity of projects from live productions to BMG’s numerous facility design and build projects.

Naz’ quest for physical fitness is ongoing, she enjoys enjoy running, cycling, horseback riding and martial arts.

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