Broadcast Management Group was back at it with IMDb during the 70th annual Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, providing live […]

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Live After the Emmys 2018

Broadcast Management Group was back at it with IMDb during the 70th annual Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, providing live production, technical management, and production staffing services for “IMDb Live After the Emmys”. The 60-minute live production started immediately after the Emmy’s telecast and streamed live to Twitch, Twitter, and IMDb.

Leading up to the live production, Broadcast Management Group participated in weekly production calls to discuss details, logistics, and technical requirements for IMDb Live After the Emmys. In addition to our weekly production meetings, we spent several weeks crafting, refining, and updating an extensive production book outlining all of the schedules, production logistics, and engineering diagrams related to the show. We met and spoke with various parties at the Television Academy to ensure we had proper clearances and to coordinate our load-in and load-out logistics.

The Emmy’s broadcast took place at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. Once Emmy winners received their award, they proceeded to the Winner’s Walk located inside the JW Marriott – just a short distance from the Staples Center. IMDb’s footprint for their live production included a set inside the Winner’s Walk, a single-camera red carpet position, and a production truck and post production truck parked inside the Emmy’s truck farm. Broadcast Management Group was responsible for all technical setups at each location and tying all locations back to our production truck.

Broadcast Management Group was responsible for providing production staffing services for IMDb Live After the Emmys, including technical and editorial positions. All crew members were booked locally in Los Angeles. Broadcast Management Group’s CEO and EVP of Production served the rolls of Executive in Charge of Production and Production Manager.

Due to space restrictions inside the Winner’s Walk, IMDb’s main set was shot with 4 robotic cameras. Our robotics operator was stationed at the Winner’s Walk set and all 4 cameras were sent back via fiber to our production truck. In addition to the Winner’s Walk setup, we had a single camera, comms, and audio at the Emmy’s red carpet, all of which were sent back via fiber to our production truck. All red carpet content was ingested, recorded and clipped in our truck, then sent down the line to a team of on-site editors who were putting together day-of packages. Completed packages were pushed back to the truck for play-out during the live post show. IMDb’s team of editors also cut together sizzle packages using major moments from the Emmy’s broadcast which were also integrated into the post show.

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  • ClientIMDb
  • LocationLos Angeles, CA
  • Deliverables Turn-key technical production and execution On-site technical build-out and management Full production staffing On-site encoding, streaming and live captioning Live streaming to 3 platforms simultaneously – Twitter, Twitch and Full lighting design at IMDb’s Winner’s Walk set On-site build out of an edit truck with interconnectivity between the production truck and edit truck Workflow design and management for all push-pull content between on-site editors and the truck’s EVS machines
  • Watch Sizzle Reel
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