People are the biggest assets to any production project. You need to find the right skill sets, the right personality and build the right chemistry.


Over the years, BMG has booked and managed thousands of independent contractors for a multitude of projects. We understand that at the heart of every successful production are great people. Recruiting and maintaining the best talent for each production is a capability we have honed over many years of working within a multitude of organizations, cultures and settings. And through our broadcast consulting practice, we’ve worked with networks and organizations to develop long-term production staffing plans and organizational structures. We provide our clients with the perfect blend of personnel strategy, development and execution.

BMG provides long-term production staffing to support network launches or ongoing studio operations. We’ll handle everything from recruitment, interviewing and onboarding to payroll, benefits and insurance. We’ll work with you to understand your long-term goals and craft a staffing solution that best fits your needs.

BMG’s production staffing services include:

  • Recruitment, interviewing and on-boarding
  • Scheduling, logistics and management of all production labor
  • Payroll management and benefits
  • Placement of full-time employees or independent contractors for long-term production needs
  • Placement of any technical, control room, editorial or creative position
  • Coordinating and wrangling talent for interviews at high-profile red carpet events
  • Pre-booking interviews at film festivals, award shows and sporting events
  • Securing exclusive interview for special events
  • Scouting new talent and negotiating talent contracts
  • Field producing

Positions We Fill Include:

  • On-Air Talent
  • Executives in Charge of Production
  • Executive Producers, Producer & Line Producers
  • Directors & Technical Director
  • Preditors / Editors
  • Bookers & Talent Coachs
  • A1s and A2s
  • On-Air Graphic Operators
  • Engineers, Chief Engineers & Transmission Engineers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Camera Operators
  • Stage Managers
  • Remote Production Crews
  • Explore All Opportunities

Case Studies

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